Community Garden


Food for the Soul

In 2014 First Congregational Community Church began our community garden. Each spring, summer, and fall, we plant for seasonal harvests of God’s delicious creations.

Weekly, the produce is picked and gathered and distributed between the Rockton Food Pantry and the Domestic Violence Center of Beloit.

So often, those in need receive many processed and packaged foods.  It is our desire to provide them with fresh vegetables and recipes to provide the opportunity to eat healthy and to teach their children about the goodness of  fresh produce.

The garden is open to our entire community and anyone who happens to pass on by is welcome to help themselves to anything ripe for the picking!

The garden has begun its new season. Amendments, including coffee grounds from the church kitchen, have been worked into the soil and seeds have been sown for early greens-spinach, lettuce, chard, beets, kale so far. Summer plantings will happen mid May-early June. We are looking forward to a very productive year.
Our biggest need for help once harvest is ready is for people to pick the veggies on Wednesday so that they are fresh for the early Thursday delivery to the Rockton Food Pantry. Anyone is welcome to take veggies for personal use. Please enjoy and become part of this wonderful garden.
We are seeking ideas about how to use the garden to interact with our neighbors. Please let the garden team or Mission Committee know if you have suggestions.
A second annual garden seminar is being planned for Saturday, May 6 from 10 am -11:30 am entitled Garden Tips & Tricks. This will be free and open to the community so please invite anyone you know who might be interested. A few volunteers are needed to greet at both doors, help with snacks, and general friendly interaction. There will be information packets and a gift for each participant and a special door prize. Registering will help with a head count so encourage interested people to call the church. A signup sheet will be on the bulletin board by the kitchen. Getting the word out is needed; posters, web communication, signs, etc. Please see Sue Richards if you are available.
The Food Pantry appreciates and depends upon our donations so please continue to support this mission in any way you are able.

 If able to help with future seminars or with the garden, please contact us.

Not only does the garden enhance our food pantry mission but it also is a strong connection to the community at large.  Suggestions and observations as well as specific veggie requests are welcome.