Budget Updates

In our annual meeting in January, our 2023 budget of $107,089 was approved by the congregation as proposed by the Trustees. Based on the pledges that were turned in last fall, that leaves an anticipated shortfall of -$28,200 for the year.  We have been blessed by God’s provision with savings to cover the shortfall this year.  We are also called to steward that provision well, so will be staying proactive to make sure we use as little from savings as possible. 

Three commitments were made in the meeting:

* Manage 2023 expenses as efficiently as possible;

* Provide regular updates in the newsletter to easily track progress; and

* Loose coins from the weekly offering will continue to go to the food pantry and loose bills will be applied to the budget.

So starting in March, watch this spot in the newsletter for monthly budget updates!

If you have any questions, please reach out to one of the Trustees or our Financial Secretary, Diane Wheeler.  And in the event you ever need to, you can always mail an offering to Diane directly at the church using the address below:

First Congregational Community Church

ATTN: Diane Wheeler

PO Box 66

Roscoe, IL 61073

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