Bible Study Questions

Questions for Worst Breakup Ever 11/15/2020

Weekly Study Questions

  1. What issues would you say most often divide your household or family? How does your family handle the dispute?
    1. Do we have to agree to get along?  Why or Why not?
    1. What are the benefits of standing together? What are the dangers?
  2. Discuss the split of the nation of Israel in 930 BC. Read 1 Kings 1:1-6
    1. How could the King marrying foreign women weaken his power? His faith?
    1. Read 1 Kings 1:9-13. Talk about this. Discuss how God’s promise to punish Solomon’s son and not Solomon could affect Solomon’s attitude or behavior?
    1. Why postpone the punishment for the sake of David?
  3. Read 1 Kings 12:1-14. Rehoboam has an opportunity to set the tone for his leadership as King. The people ask for mercy.
    1. Why do you suppose the elders gave the advice they did to Rehoboam?
    1. Why reject it outright? Why ask his friends? Why go along with them instead?
  4. Three contributors to the trouble:  Pride, Power, and self-reliance
    1. Talk about pride.  We saw it hurt Job, now Rehoboam. How do we allow pride to impact our relationships? Why do we struggle so with pride?
    1. Talk about Power. What is a leader’s good use of power?  Do you believe that power corrupts?
    1. Talk about seeking God’s guidance. Who is your “go-to” when you need advice? Do you trust certain advisors over others?  For good reasons or arbitrary reasons?
  5. Read John 17:11, 20-23.
    1. What kind of unity does verse 11 call us to?
    1. According to verse 21, what is the main purpose of our unity?
    1. Overall, can you capture what Jesus is saying here in your own words?
    1. How can we disagree but still have unity? 
    1. Then why don’t we?