Bible Study Questions

Questions for No Buts About It. 1/24/2021

Weekly Study Questions

  1. Review the Lighthouse story. How do you decide between two good options? Do you tend to consider the immediate need or the long term in making decisions?
  2. What are some of the “buts” you give God for lack of faithfulness? Cleanliness? Locations? Timing? What is something you absolutely feel you could not do for God?
  3. Read Luke 9:57-58
    1. Discuss the man’s statement to Jesus. Why is he so eager?
      1. What types of ministry make you this eager to follow Jesus?
      1. What are the “benefits” of being a believer?
    1. Discuss Jesus’ reply. What all is Jesus saying in His answer?
      1. What types of ministry make you uncomfortable to follow Jesus?
      1. What are the “costs” of being a believer?
    1. Jesus asks us to surrender our worldly lives in order to truly follow him.
      1. What is the most difficult thing to surrender for God?
      1. What is your number one excuse for surrendering to God?
  4. Read Luke 9:59-60
    1. This man wanted time to bury his father before following Jesus. What is it you want to do before following Jesus?
      1. What types of things do you allow to take priority over your faith or relationship w/God?
      1. How do you deal with conflicts when you prioritize faith and someone else doesn’t?
    1. How do you feel about Jesus’ answer? What is our priority to be?
    1. Jesus point is that we need to prioritize following Jesus.
      1. What are your priorities? Where does your faith fall in that lineup?
      1. Why do you think it is so easy to “put off” following God until “later”?
  5. Read Luke 9:61-62
    1. This man comes to Jesus admitting he has other priorities. Are you honest with God about your commitment to Him?
      1. Think of all the commitments you make. How dedicated are you to keeping them?
      1. Discuss your commitment to faith. What role does your church play in commitment?
    1. Jesus challenges that if we are looking backward, we really aren’t looking forward.
      1. Where does God want you to strengthen your commitment to Him?
      1. Where do you fall back on old habits instead of embracing spiritual growth?
  6. Where would you say is your biggest struggle in following Jesus and growing into His disciple?