Bible Study Questions

Questions for

Let’s Get to Work 4-18-2021

Weekly Study Questions

  1. Who is someone YOU shared the good news with?  Is there anyone you know that YOU led to Jesus?
  2. Acts 2:47b, “And the Lord added to the church daily, those who were being saved.”
    1. Do you see conversion of others to Christ as God’s job or yours? Be honest.
    1. How do we make outreach ministry about us rather than those outside the church?
    1. Are you aware when you are pulling your power cord to God too tightly?
    1. What happens when you get disconnected from God’s power? In what ways does it affect you.
  3. 1 Cor. 3:5-9
    1. Discuss verse 6.  How does this help you to understand your role in outreach ministry?
    1. Discuss verse 7.  Do you understand what it is conveying?
    1. Verse 9 says we are co-workers with God. In what ways do you partner with God.  In what ways do you “go your own way?”
    1. Do you see God as your co-worker outside of church life?
    1. Think of the excitement we feel when we see the first buds of new life coming through the dirt. Compare that to how God must feel when one of His comes towards the church?
  4. Mark 2:1-5
    1. In vs 1-2, we see how popular Jesus has become. Who would people react this way for in our community in 2021?  Why do we want to “see” these kinds of popular people?  Why are we drawn to them?
    1. Do you have friends who would carry you on a mat?  To meet Jesus?  Who would you carry? To meet Jesus?
    1. Discuss the men’s desire to get their friend to Jesus. What does this tell you about their faith?
    1. They wanted Jesus to help the man walk, and Jesus did more than that, He forgave His sins too. Do you ever aim too low when bringing others to faith? What would success look like to you?  To God?
  5. What message do we send to those who don’t know Jesus through our “work?”