Bible Study Questions

Questions for

Spirit Filled 5-23-2021

Weekly Study Questions

  1. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
    1. Have you ever experienced supernatural power to accomplish something?
    1. Have you ever been surprised by your abilities or strengths?
  2. Do you understand the holiday of Pentecost? What is your experience/knowledge of Pentecost?
  3. Take a look at Leviticus 23. What is this chapter about?
    1. Which verses describe Pentecost for the Jew?
    1. Considering these are pilgrimage festivals, how did that impact their daily lives?
    1. Why would God institute so many celebrations?
  4. Read Acts 2:1-4
    1. Discuss what it would have been like to be there. 
      1. Have you ever been in a tornado, hurricane, or other wind phenomenon?
      1. Discuss the significance of the flames resting on every person there.
      1. How does God removing the language barrier in verse 4 change things?
  5. Read Acts 1:8.
    1. How many that were there that day do you suppose understood what was happening?
    1. Have you physically experienced the sensation of the Holy Spirit in your life?
    1. When have you accomplished something for the Lord that you didn’t think you could do?
    1. Has there been a time you said “no” to a ministry because you felt not prepared?
    1. Where does our fear get in the way of our discipleship?
    1. How can the Holy Spirit help with our fear?
  6. Psalm 16:2 says that God is Lord and apart from Him we have nothing.
    1. Do you pay attention to your spiritual tank?
    1. How often do you turn to God to get filled with the Spirit?
    1. Read Romans 15:13. How does this verse help?
    1. Should Pentecost play a bigger role in our lives or not?