Bible Study Questions

Questions for

“We’re No Angels” 9-19-2021

Weekly Study Questions

  1. What is the most recent thing you have done to be an Angel to someone else?
  2. How do you find you most often like to assist others?
  3. Discuss the progression of our studies this year. 
    1. What compels you to be a Christian, or disciple, or Angel for God?
    1. What part of Jesus’ life do you respond to the most?
  4. Our call from Jesus was to live for others. What does that mean?
    1. What parameters or limits do you place on that command?
    1. Where will you and where will you NOT live for others?
  5. What are the biggest lessons you learned about the disciples?  What stood out?
  6. What do you know, think or believe about Angels? What is the purpose of Angels?
  7. Read Psalm 103:19-22
    1. What does it mean that all things are under the authority of God?
      1. When is this easy to see or accept?
      1. When is it difficult to see or accept?
    1. Is it fair to judge God for the evil in this world? Why or Why not?
    1. What are the responsibilities listed here on the Angels? Is that us too?
  8. Read Psalm 91:9-12
    1. Do you believe this? When have you experienced it?
    1. When have you felt not cared for by God?
  9. Is the world easier to take in small doses?
    1. What happens when we zoom out to the big picture?
    1. How can we zoom in to be angels on earth for others?