Caring for Others (CFO)

It is truly a blessing to have our prayers answered in positive ways.  Even if the answer wasn’t what we prayed for, we know God knows best.  So we continue to pray, call, write, and visit through our ministry truly trusting in the love of God to see us through.

If you have a family member, friend, or anyone you would like us to pray for and possibly reach out to for spiritual support please contact us.


October was another difficult month for many in our fellowship.  We had to say goodbye to Millie Zinnecker rather unexpectedly, but rejoice in her receiving her place in God’s eternal kingdom!  Stub Popanz has struggled with his health and finds himself once again in the hospital in need of covering of prayer.  Please continue to keep him and Gayle in your prayers.  The Marshall’s have been under tremendous strain as Bruce and Sally each battle to stay healthy.  And Ethan Menges had to undergo lung surgery and is now in the familiar place of rehabilitation once again.   Our prayer chain has been very busy and there have been lots of calls and visits.  This is the heart of being a fellowship and walking with one another in difficult times.  Please continue to reach out to those you know and encourage them every day.

Dustin Insko & Family
LaVeda & Harold Stout
Karen Lewis’ niece Gail
Stub Popanz
Sally & Bruce Marshall
Many in Merry Dolter’s Family
Connie Leather &  daughter Cher
Ethan Menges
Zinnecker Family
Mary Lou Sprague