Caring for Others (CFO)

It is truly a blessing to have our prayers answered in positive ways.  Even if the answer wasn’t what we prayed for, we know God knows best.  So we continue to pray, call, write, and visit through our ministry truly trusting in the love of God to see us through.

If you have a family member, friend, or anyone you would like us to pray for and possibly reach out to for spiritual support please contact us.

January has come again. For many, we have arrived at the time where
we live ‘In the Bleak Midwinter.’ It is difficult to go out and the days
are short and the nights are longer. Please be mindful of those around
you who may need a phone call or visit to check in. For those with
limited mobility, problems can escalate quickly if no has called in to see
how things are going. Phone calls are something that can be made
from the warm comfort of your own home! So grab a hot mug of your
favorite tea, climb in a comfy chair, and call up some friends.

Dustin Insko & Family
LaVeda & Harold Stout
Karen Lewis’ niece Gail
Sally & Bruce Marshall
Connie Leather &  daughter Cher
Nora Finnell
Mary Lou Sprague