May 2022, Little Things From Lisa

I have been preparing for our next series of study.  And it has led me to do a great deal of research on restoration. I’ve seen and read about art restoration, silver and metals, buildings, and yes, even human body parts. It has been nothing short of amazing what can be done with intention, patience, and a great deal of work!

It seems we serve a God who reaches out to us through restoration. Just stop and think about it for a moment. Why is it that we most often turn to God in the tough and overwhelming times? Because we need help beyond our ability.  Something is broken and we cannot fix it.  We need God to restore what is wrong, sick, or shattered in our lives.

And God has made it that restoration is possible in all areas of our lives.  We currently live in a “cancel” culture. It’s not three strikes and you’re out.  It’s one! One and done. People mess up and we write them off and out of our lives.

We may be done with them, but God is not. Have you ever cut down a tree that was dead? Only to return in the spring and there shooting out of the rotten stump is new life. That is the power of God working restoration in the brokenness of our world.

In Revelations 21:5, we are told from His own mouth. John recorded, “He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” As the world crumbles around us in death and decay, God comes bursting through with restoration and new life. A second chance. Or third, or hundredth. Because God doesn’t give up until we are restored.  One way or another. In one Kingdom or another.

Take an inventory of the ways that God has already brought restoration to you and yours. And consider the ways you still need Him to bring restoration. And finally, who do you know that needs restoration? How can you help them become whole again?

May God restore us, one and all. Peace, Pastor Lisa

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