September 2018

Little Things from Lisa

I came across this story the other day that claims to be an ancient Hebrew fable.  While I tried to validate that claim and find the source of this story, I couldn’t pin it down.  None-the-less, it is worth sharing.

Once there was a small leaf attached to the upper limb of a tall tree.  The leaf was very content with its good life until it saw the birds flying above the forest.  The leaf, then, yearned to be “free like the birds,” free to fly and experience many different things.  The leaf struggled and struggled to be free – just to be free.

Then one morning, just at sunrise, a strong gust of wind jerked the leaf from the limb and sent it sailing above the forest.  It was free!  At last it was free!  It could now flit about as it pleased!  It finally got its way!  How exhilarating it was for the leaf to see all the strange, new sights!  It was great!  What an experience!  What a life! 

Soon, however, the leaf began its journey downward and eventually it joined the other dead and dying leaves on the forest floor.  There the sun’s lethal rays struck the leaf.  As the leaf withered and died, it cred out, “This is not freedom! This is not freedom! This is death!”  Too late the leaf realized that freedom does not mean independence.

It occurs to me that in our current culture, many have the mindset of the leaf.  People want to do their own thing, go their own way and not have to be accountable to others.  There is a sense of pride, conceit, and stubbornness that is gaining momentum as acceptable norms for our times.

As people of God, we know that true freedom comes with complete dependence on God.  Especially as we face spiritual warfare at every turn throughout the day, where would we be without the Lord beside us and equipping us for battle? It is only because we depend on God that we can hope for the kind of life that can never be separated from God.

John 8:36 says, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”  When Jesus frees us, He does so in order that we can now live with Him in our hearts and for Him in our lives.  The only freedom we should seek is the freedom that comes from Christ Jesus and removes our sin.  May your dependence always be on God.

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