August 2018

Little Things from Lisa


We’ve spent all of June and July studying the doctrine of discipleship.  Saying we are a disciple of Jesus Christ means we not only accept the Word of Jesus Christ into our hearts; but we also promise to share that Word with the world.  Discipleship is our journey of growth along with other Christians  in Jesus Christ.  When we accept Jesus into our hearts, we identify as a Disciple.

My hope and prayer is that you have been encouraged during this series to see the vast array of ways that we are called by God to be disciples for Jesus Christ every day.  Not everyone is called to leave everything and follow Jesus.  But everyone is called to be obedient to the individual call Jesus does make on our life. When He sends you, do you go?

As I mentioned in church, pay attention for just one single day to the number of people you pass.  Notice them, be aware of them.  Pray for them.  Ask God if they need you. Live in the spirit of Phillip who immediately went when God called to meet the Ethiopian and share the gospel.  Live in the Spirit of Peter, who crossed cultural boundaries and taboos to share the gospel.   Live in the spirit of Samuel, who as only a child, dedicated his life to discipleship.  Samuel spoke the difficult words others were afraid to say.  Perhaps you can be a voice for someone too!

Every day our time is not our own…it belongs to God.  He does not demand our time nor does He need it.  Instead He invites us into ministry with Him in order to bless us and so we cab be a blessing to others.  So give God your all and pay attention to where and when He calls.  Be ready to respond.  God Bless.

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