Vertical Focus

It’s almost time to go back to school!  Are you ready or does it just seem too soon?  I’ve been in school all summer, so it will be just another semester when it rolls around again for me.  New school years bring new opportunities.  There will be new kids in your school who are nervous and lonely.  So be sure to be kind to others and help them feel more comfortable.   The new year is an opportunity to reach higher and achieve your goals.  It’s also a time to prioritize your life and remember what is really most important.

Vertical Focus will be starting up in September and we will continue on Sunday nights.  We hope you will make this a priority in your busy schedules also.  The group is only as strong as its members and your presence truly does matter.  Also, it is a safe place to come and be yourselves and encourage others to be themselves also.  This time of fellowship and spiritual growth is an important part of your educations also.  See you there!