June 2018

Little Things from Lisa

Wow!  What a surprise!  In my life, I have been involved in many surprises for folks throughout the years.  It is a source of joy for me to help celebrate an achievement or the life of somebody I love.  So it is no small wonder that you all pulled off a surprise graduation ceremony for me on what was my graduation weekend.

As many of you know, I had fully intended to travel to Virginia to graduate with the class of 2018 from Liberty University.  I have worked hard to earn my Bachelor’s degree in Religion along with the distinction of “Suma Cum Laude” which means with honors.  I managed to earn a 3.9 grade point average during my seven plus years attending the university.  However, my medical issues and concerns prevented the dream of traveling out east from becoming a reality.  But I honestly think I got the better end of the deal.  Because you were all able to be with me on one of the biggest days of my life.

There is nothing better than enjoying one of the best moments of your life with the most important people in your life, and that’s what we did. I truly cannot express my joy and gratitude for this fellowship. We are a batch of mixed nuts, but together we live for the Lord!

Achieving a college degree has always been on my bucket list.  And I did it! It feels wonderful to follow through on such a big goal.  But more importantly, it has better prepared me to be your shepherd, teacher, and spiritual guide.  All of the energy I put into studying can now be redirected back into ministry.

My prayer is for us to continue to increase our spiritual growth, serve with our whole hearts, and learn to live with the heart and mind of Jesus Christ in all we do.  Thank you for allowing me into your fellowship and hearts.  And thank you for all of your love and support that got us where we are today.  May God continue to bless us and keep us in His care.


Pastor Lisa

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