March 2018

As many of you know, I came to serve at this church because of a need for a Youth Pastor.  I have been working with Youth since I was old enough to be a mentor in my teens.  I have served youth through Scout groups, youth groups, community groups, and school groups.   I try to view their hopes, dreams, giftedness, and potential through the eyes of our Lord.  Each one precious.  Each one uniquely and wonderfully made.  Each one with a plan all prepared just for them. Our world seeks to categorize, group, and lump them into categories that limit their possibilities.  I encourage them to embrace who they are and be proud of their unique design.

That is why I have gotten involved in March for our Lives, Rockford.  But I want to make myself perfectly clear.  My involvement in this issue is because it is a student led issue.  Most students have no allegiance to a political view or party, yet they are seeking to feel safe in their schools.  I am appalled that our schools, which already lack funding and services, are now putting resources into preventing our students from being killed in classrooms. My heart breaks that this is the state of our country.  The saddest part for me is that the real issue at hand is money.  Our children’s lives are invaluable. Period.

To be clear, I am not representing my church (although I have encouraged anyone who would like to join me to come along) nor my youth group (some do not feel moved to get involved.) Rather I am a Christian Leader, mother, mentor, and advocate giving their time to let these voices be heard.  It is their lives we are treating so cavalierly.

My ears are WIDE OPEN to any and all solutions that ultimately keep our kids from worrying about getting shot in school.  My biggest worries in school were test scores, reputation, who liked me or didn’t, and whether or not to go to the game, dance, etc.  To be honest, even my future goals weren’t that high on my personal list.  But literally surviving an attack on my life????  That thought was not even in the realm of possibility.  I want that for our students too.

So if you see or hear me participating in this cause, please understand my motives and my intent.  I am supporting youth who are feeling threatened and scared.  I am taking a stand that something must be done.  And I am willing to participate in finding that solution.

We all need to be in prayer for our students.  If we teach them we don’t care, they will grow up not to care.

Pastor Lisa

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