July 2017

Little Things from Lisa

Have you ever had to testify? A basic definition of the word ‘testify’ is to give evidence as a witness. There’s a story in the book of Luke about a demon possessed man (Luke 8). The man is so ravaged by demons that he lives naked in the caves. He had been shackled and chained and under guard, but broke loose and escaped to live in the caves. He was terribly desperate and depraved. Yet Jesus came to his town and healed the man. This is the story of how Jesus sent the demons into a nearby herd of pigs. The pigs then proceeded to run into the sea and drown. The man was released of all his demons and restored. The scripture says others came to see what happened and they found the man sitting clothed and talking with Jesus. This freaked the crowd out and they asked Jesus to leave their town. The man begged Jesus to let him go along with Jesus. But Jesus said to him, “Return home and tell how much God has done for you.” (Luke 8:39).

Jesus instructed this man to go home and testify. Imagine the power of his story on the community. They knew him as insane, tortured, and wild. But now he is restored and composed. What a powerful story to share. What a testimony to give! Imagine the people being captivated by this transformation and his telling of his story. His is pretty dramatic.

We all have a story, or testimony, to share. It could be about our faith, our church, our church family, or the like. Those stories that we might not think are that big of a deal mean a great deal to others in the fellowship. So quite frankly I am asking of you what Jesus asked of the formerly possessed man. Tell us how much God has done for you! I want some of you to share your testimonies.

I do a majority of the talking every Sunday, but I KNOW you have things to share too. If you don’t like to speak in public, you could write something out and I will read it, or you can have someone you choose read it. But I am extending the invitation for folks to share a testimony later in August about their faith, or the church, or how someone has helped grow your faith. Please pray over this and if you feel so moved, pick up a pen and begin to jot down thoughts. Follow the Holy Spirit and see what pours from your heart. We’d love to hear from you!

If you have questions or want to talk about this further, just let me know! Peace.

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