April 2017

Little Things from Lisa

How has Lent been going for you? I sincerely hope it hasn’t been business as usual during this time of preparation. It certainly has not been for me! I really struggled with the idea of focusing on David’s Psalm (51) for six weeks.  I was worried that it would be, quite frankly, a “downer.”  All this focus on conviction, sin, and guilt. What if people tuned out? But ultimately God continued to lead me back to this topic, so who am I to tell God no?!?

What I have found is that it has actually been enlightening in a positive way! I am all too aware of my sin. I am not one to pretend or bury it deep. On the contrary, I carry it around in my heart too much.  I often let it color my vision of myself and the world because I know I fall short of the glory God has given me.

So as we’ve journeyed, I am having a healthier and better understanding of the place of conviction, sin, and guilt in my life. Because rooted in all of this truth is the greater TRUTH.  GOD LOVES ME!  AND GOD LOVES YOU TOO! So even though sin is evil and comes between us and God, it is only bigger than God’s love when you or I allow it to be!  God’s love is always bigger.

Lent has helped me refocus the priority of God’s love in my life.  I look forward to Easter with an even greater joy than ever before.  If you’ve had any enlightenment this Lent, I’d love to hear about it from you too!  Peace be with you.


Pastor Lisa


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