February 2017

Little Things from Lisa

Someone recently asked me how I decide what it is we will study together as I prepare to preach each month.  It really isn’t a problem as our fellowship and the Holy Spirit always inspire me down a good path.

It seems so timely that we began with the Gospels last week and experienced the four great evangelists of Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John.  One of our Vision goals is creating an outreach team and doing more outreach to grow our fellowship.  However, at the annual meeting, we were met face to face with our discomfort in evangelism.  It is difficult for many to one on one invite people to church or even have a conversation about Jesus with others.

What the four Gospel writers showed us is how they each presented the life of Christ from their unique perspective.  What their culture was, how they saw Jesus’ ministry, and who it was they were trying to reach.  That should encourage each of us that God uses us just where we are and who we are to share His message.

With every sermon I give, there is an encrypted message.  I’m always seeking to answer a question you may not even be asking.  Will this help you share the gospel more readily?  I know how difficult it can be and it is my hearts desire to make it easier for you to do so.  I am always trying to teach you information and ways that break down barriers to sharing your faith.

And evangelism isn’t always a conversation about faith right from the get go.  Evangelism is often just loving people like Jesus.  That unconditional love draws people to you and they begin to trust in you and long for what it is that you have…faith.  So don’t be scared of the word Evangelism, or the thought of it.  Be honored that God thinks you can do it!  And I’ll continue to do my best to equip you also.

Pastor Lisa


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