October 2016

Little Things from Lisa

It took twelve Sundays to complete our Old Testament Survey. And we barely scratched the surface of all there is to learn and understand. Overall, it is a history lesson for us and a reminder!!! Remember where you came from. Learn from past mistakes. But we also quickly realized that human nature is to figure things out on our own through our own mistakes, unfortunately. Hopefully, we did learn to be mindful of those who have walked before us on the road to Christianity.

I hope you don’t just put that knowledge away on a shelf in your mind and forget about it. I really hope it shapes your worldview from now on. Maybe you can look at the events of today through a lens of our ancestors. What did we learn from their paths? What are we getting right because of their journey? What does God expect from me in order to be faithful to Him?

A large overarching message was also that God loves everybody. So why is it so difficult for me? How we view other people and other nations can now be broadened through our middle-eastern ancestors. They have been warring over God for centuries and still continue to do so. What does scripture say about that?

These are just some things to consider going forward in your day to day. Our faith isn’t only for Sunday mornings. It isn’t only for Bible Study. And it certainly isn’t only in being nice to people. Our faith is who we are at the core. And every single encounter we have throughout the day is affected by our faith whether we are aware of it or not. So how has the Old Testament affected your faith? And how will it affect your worldview? I’d love to hear any interesting things that come up! Peace.

Pastor Lisa

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